I’m Greedy ~ I Want Both

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My perfect day off includes both sparkling fun and peaceful stillness. I’ve found that if I really want it, I can do it all and enjoy every minute of it.

For example, my birthday this year was the ultimate day off.

I woke up with no alarm, and sauntered out to my deck to have a cup of coffee. While sipping my java and reading a book, I enjoyed a soft breeze and the view of the woods behind my house. My wacky cat, Simba, laid at my feet for a bit and then entertained me with his antics of chasing bugs I never saw.

By mid morning, I was on my way to Callaway Gardens for the rest of the day. My son, sister and dad were with me on this adventure. Once we secured a spot on the beach, my sister and I went off to take our trapeze class. Yes, you read that correctly. We took a trapeze class from some Florida State University circus students. They harnessed us up, made us climb the ladders and directed us on how to swing and fall into the nets. I can’t say Cirque du Soleil will be recruiting me anytime soon, but my sister and I certainly had fun…and realized we may need to do about 1,892,456,239 more sit-ups before we can manage the skill of bringing our legs up to the bar while swinging back and forth from it.

After managing not to kill ourselves on the trapeze, we all watched the FSU students perform their “circus” show. They are talented college kids who were flipping, swinging and juggling all over the place. It really is quite a show that they put on and included everything from five people riding on one bike to girls swirling around on ropes.

Feeling all energetic after the show, my son and I decided to ride bikes around the lake while my sister and dad hung out on the beach. The path and trails around the lake are so pretty. They were full of countless plants too. Of course, I didn’t really get to see many though since riding with him is like a race to see who can get back to the start. Either way, it was exercise in a pleasant environment, and time with my son. I call that a win-win.

All the racing made us a little hot, so we took a dip in the lake after that. We swam out to the “bouncy island” for a bit too. There were slides, trampolines and random floating obstacles to maneuver. It was exhausting and yet a blast. The funnest thing happened though. As I was climbing to some platform, I came upon a little diva. She had to be around 8 years old. She was sitting on the inflatable platform and waiting for her moment to jump off. Apparently, all the people around her were getting on her nerves and ruining her jump plan. When I got near her, she loudly proclaimed, “Everyone needs to stop bouncing. I am trying to jump.” I am not the adult to stand in the way of a child’s dream performance, so I simple retreated in the other direction laughing. I sure hope she got her jump situation perfected.

With all the jumping and riding, it was time to sit and bake in the sun for a bit. My dad, son, sister and I were all just laying around laughing and talking. It was a rare moment when we were all together and just so laid back it was perfect.

As it got to be early evening, my son and sister left for the day. That was the cue for dad and I to go check out the butterfly house before it closed. We walked around while the butterflies floated all around us and the amazing plants in their habitat. I took a ton of photos of course and was just so intrigued by the little beauties.

Dad and I continued on to the outdoor garden and saw countless plants and flowers. It was like a wonderland of plants. I really felt like I was walking the grounds of some castle garden. The plants just went on and on…and so did my picture taking. (To see some of the plant pictures I took that day, check out my photography blog.) We even found time to squeeze in the last Birds of Prey show for the day.

As the sun set, dad and I needed to rest, so we pulled out the chairs and sat back to listen to the band playing on the beach. They played a variety of fun music while we enjoyed the warm summer air. To end the night there at the beach, the grand finale was some pyrotechnics skydivers landing on the beach.

By the time we got back home, I barely had any energy left. But, it was my birthday after all and I needed to embrace the day. So I kicked back on the deck with a glass of wine and ended my day just as I had begun, still and at peace.

What does your perfect day have? Link you post to the Daily Prompt ~ Still or Sparkling.

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