Smothered By Love, Running For Life

You said that you loved me.
Your actions said it was true.
Happiness set me free,
And I no longer felt blue.
There was something in your embrace
That was filled with elegant grace.
We could not get enough of
Each others’ laugh and smile.
But life makes it tough
To give that extra mile.
So you tightened your hold
Only making me more cold.
You thought I didn’t care.
So you made your demand.
If only you gave me air,
Our love could’ve been grand.
I loved with all my might,
But your hold was too tight.
I chose to run away
For fear I’d slowly die.
No matter what I’d say,
You thought it was a lie.
I started to feel a rage
With living in your cage.
So now we are apart
Trying to make a new life.
But it’s pretty hard to start
When you thought you’d be a wife.
Regrettably, it’s sad…
As love we really had.

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