The Man No One Wants to See

It was a bright, crisp morning, but Mark dreaded the day already. He hated mornings like this. Not the perfect weather itself of course, but mornings when he had this task.

Nothing but pain came on these days, and he was the one to bring it. His only solace was that he was giving the family answers. They needed answers, though this was not the answer they wanted. No one ever wanted this answer. Who could?

But he threw on his uniform nonetheless. The least he could do was look professional when he showed up at their home to ruin their lives. However, from experience, he knew the solemn look on his face and just his mere presence would say all that the family needed to know. One look at him in his uniform, at their door, would tell the family that their missing son was found, but lost to them forever. Informing a mother and father that their missing soldier son was finally found, but dead, was not something you did over a phone call. The soldier and his family deserved more than that.

No, this heart-wrenching task had to be in person. It would require all the strength and patience he had to remain strong for the family. To provide them with information that gave them closure, but left them without nightmares. Dying in combat is an honorable death, but there is no respect in the details of war. Some things are just better not known, Mark thought. Only pain and tears would come today, and he would tuck them away as he stayed strong for the family. He would listen to their cries, and hold their hands, giving them time to understand the news he delivered. Soak in the fact that their 24-year-old son was never coming home. He would never give them grandchildren. He would never see their Christmas tree or the gifts under it for him.

This was a job of horror and honor at the same time. To be the one who brought such pain upon a family tore at his heart. Yet, on the other hand, it was a great duty to provide a war hero’s family with the account of his sacrifice. To tell them how greatly he served and how America could never repay this debt. To be the strength for a fellow veteran’s loved ones was an ultimate tribute of respect to the fallen soldier. None of those facts made it any easier though.

He may as well get started early. Bad news never gets better with age, especially if the media were to release it first. He cringed at the thought. No, the awful news must come from a fellow soldier, and in their home. So with that
thought, Mark drove off in his speedy car to ruin an entire family’s holiday-all before lunch.


This is for the Daily Prompt ~ Trio 4, to use speedy car, phone call and bright crisp morning.

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