Looking Good Vs. Being Practical

The other day I attended a military demonstration/graduation. The event itself was down-right impressive, but that’s not what I want to discuss. I want to mention a more trivial matter on how some of us ladies dress at times.

The event was outside near a pond and in the mid 40s, but yet a few ladies were wearing short dresses (with no leggings) and stilettos. While they looked gorgeous, I was wondering what was more important: to look glamorous or to dress for the weather and setting? I was in pants, tall boots, a thin sweater, and a jacket. Even with the addition of gloves and a scarf, I was chilly at times in the shade when the wind picked up. So, I really can’t fathom how these ladies were not freezing.

Personally, I choose not to freeze when at all possible.  Just saying.

But…what does that mean? Am I getting old? Does the soldier in me make me too practical? Am I not girly enough? Should I practice stiletto-walking tactics with the possible upgrade to stiletto-walking-in-grass tactics? Do those elite military forces have elite hot-blooded girlfriends/wives? Does “looking hot” provide an invisible heat shield from the cold? Or, does the fact that I was fully dressed for chilly weather, just show…I was single and not there to cheer on any particular man?


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