Purple Ponies, Leaves Make a Day Brighter

Every since I was a little girl, I wanted a horse. It took me nearly 37 years, but I finally have one. The bonus part is that she has friends at the barn I board her at. So, not only do I get to visit with my horse, but I get to see several other horses.

My horse Daisy and I go on trail rides often. She likes to eat all the vegetation that is on the trail and I like to photograph it. We make a pretty good team in that aspect as I will stop to take photos and she will eat while waiting for me.

When winter hits, Daisy and her pasture mate, Violet, get to wear their cold-weather coats, or what I like to call, their purple pony coats. I am sure that is not the technical name as they are not ponies, but I like the way it sounds. So, to me, that is what they are.

Daisy and I have a pretty good routine too. I call her, and if she hears me, she meanders up towards the barn. I open the pasture gate and stall and she will walk right in. No harness or coaxing. If she doesn’t hear me, I meander out to the deep part of the pasture and she will follow me back to barn. Again, no harness or coaxing. To me, that is our cool trick, especially when we can’t do jumps or barrel racing like other folks at the barn. We may not be fancy, but at least we are buddies who respect each other.

Time on the trail is like therapy to me too. Though I’ve been on the trail a number of times, each time feels different and brings me peace. What hobbies bring you peace?

If you like to capture nature with your iPhone on your mobile adventures, check out the Phoneography challenge by clicking on the icon below.

iphone challenge

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