What Nature Means to Me

IMG_0481Nature is like therapy to me…only cheaper and more effective. After being outside for only a few minutes, I can literally feel stress loosen its hold on me. It is as if the fresh air possesses some magical elixir that calms my spirit and eases my mind.

Regardless of season, the effect is the same, and I think I have figured out why. I look at nature as the source of all things. Nature gives us food, water, air and supplies. Its variety is endless and ever so tolerate of the strains we place on it. To me, nature is also my window to God. When I look at the elegance of a sunset or the artistry in a canyon, I am always amazed. With that awe comes a thankfulness and awareness that there is more out there than me and my immediate problems. And with that, I find peace.


Does nature have a similar effect on you? If so, write about it and link it to the Nature Chills Challenge.

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