Saved by an Angel ~Tipsy Lit Flash Fiction Contest Entry

The alley was damp. Samantha should be afraid, but she wasn’t. She knew Alex was with her. Her skin always tingled when he was near, and it tingled ever so wonderfully now. She knew he would keep her safe, but she walked briskly to keep herself warm.

The path was unsafe, but was shortest route to the subway. She stayed late at work and went out with the team in attempt to fit in. She never did though. There was always something missing and felt like an outsider. She promised Alex she would try though. Only he seemed to understand her, motivate her. It was nearly a year ago now that she met him, her one true love, and he had literally saved her life.

Last year, after a horrible descending spiral of events, Samantha stood there contemplating life. There at her cottage that sat at the edge of the ocean cliff, she was ready to die. The view was spectacular. It was a perfect place to die. The magnificent sunset sky glowed while the water slapped up on the rocks below. The gentle breeze whispered around her skin. She was ready to end her pain and it seemed that the night was calling to her. “Come to me. You will suffer no more.” As she inched her way to the edge though, she suddenly felt his warm hands on her and they sent shivers down her spin. He guided her back to safety. Once she was away from the edge, he spoke. Her Alex. His voice was like silk wrapping her in comfort. He pleaded with her to fight. He reassured her she was not alone. He could be there for her, be her friend.

Since that day, their friendship had blossomed into a romance. It was all that any woman desires. Together they would laugh for hours, talking about everything. They would walk along the shore. When she looked into his eyes, she saw heaven. Alex’s touch was more than she had ever experienced too. His hands were like magic, his kisses like jolts of life pumping though her. Never before had she felt such passion. He was perfection, except one problem. He was an angel.

Suddenly, Samantha snapped out of her daydream and back into reality. There before her, stood an ominous man. She stopped cold, unable to move. As the man approached like animal stalking its prey, he cackled, “Hey little kitty. Don’t be afraid. I just want to play.” She called for Alex. He always saved her from danger before.

Before she knew it, the man was on her. He was going to kill her, she could feel it. She started to panic and then…she heard her Alex’s voice. “Don’t worry my love. This will be over soon, and when it is, you can be with me forever. I found a way for you to become an angel, like me.” With that, she stopped fighting, knowing she was going home to him, forever.

This my entry for the Tipsy Flash Fiction Contest.

tipsy image

The angel picture was found online with an Bing search that lead me to Soul Healing’s blog. Beautiful images there!

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