Why does your love hurt?

I sit and wonder how you are

We used to call, we used to write

We used to laugh and talk all night


When I met you, our embrace was real

I felt you, I saw you in those eyes

Now I sit alone and am not sure why


Are the words you said real

Am I wrong for how I feel

Can I not be your friend

Am I wrong for not wanting it to end


I want to help you

But you shut me out

And I am left alone

Trying to figure it out


Friends say I shouldn’t be sad

He wasn’t ready, just be glad


But they don’t know the you I saw

They didn’t experience the great fall

It was real

It was sweet

It was the world at my feet


But maybe I just wanted to see what you couldn’t give

Maybe I am not what will help you live

As a friend, I hope you find your way

And I hope you know I loved you today


I tried to help, I tried to care

But you left me feeling stupid and bare

So know I meant every word I said

And think about how you left me feeling dead


*These were my thoughts on love…after drinking.

One thought on “Why does your love hurt?

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