I must write and here I go

I keep saying I am going to write and never do. Yet, all these words constantly bombard my head. The thoughts range from my family to my work or to my never-ending to-do list. Then the next moment, I might be thinking about something from a deployment or why the driver in front of me was ever given a license? (Seriously, who thinks crossing four lanes at 80 mph is a safe option!) Or if my mind is really wandering, I may think about the bucket list I need to create or the dramatic romance stories I say I will write (that will of course not reflect any real people, places or events in my life in order to protect the innocent). I wonder about religion, grammar rules, and why can’t I find the perfect Christmas cookie recipe to save my life?

At times, it is very loud and random in my head and I want it to stop. I embrace the quiet moments where I am just sitting and enjoying absolute silence. It is when I am at peace. But given a moment of quiet, while I sit and enjoy the world around me, I will notice how the light hits something and immediately start thinking of how that would make a great picture.

Yes, it is utterly exhausting in my head at times. So therefore, I must write. I may write about complete and utter nonsense that no one on the face of the earth will care to read, but frankly, I simply do not care. I need to write. I need to free these thoughts. (It is getting a bit crowded in my head with all this thinking going on.)

So here I go. Feel free to enjoy the journey. It may not make sense. It may not always be grammatically correct. Or it may not be interesting at all, but it’s a start – my start.

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